Jamal Ben Saddik was born 3 oktober 1990 in Antwerp a deprived in district Borgerhout. A lot of youth was unemployment and had many problems and little prospect to a good future. Many boys end up in petty and big crime.
But Jamal was dragged to the local gym by his father at the age of 9 years. And he told Jamal I don’t want that life for you, because his father didn’t want him to hang out on the streets. That the street was life threatening he soon found that out when he tried to appease a quarrel as a teenager. A typical case of ‘ wrong place, wrong time.

Normally, it remains with some push and pull work. Weapons were never used. But now someone pulled a gun and shot at him. Jamal was the biggest in the group; the shooter felt threatened so he took a shot. He herded a bang, but Jamal stated he didn’t felt anything. The bullet went in and out and did not damage anything, Jamal was lucky.

Till this day he is very great full to his loving father.

Sixteenth years later Jamal was placed lowest fighter, Jamal was invited to the prestigious Grand Slam tournament in Tokyo, the unofficial world championship, Jamal became third and fought against the greatest fighters such as Remy Bonjasky and Errol Zimmerman, the world title seemed just a matter of time.

Then tragedy struck in 2012 Jamal was diagnosis with thyroid cancer, and his world collapsed. He couldn’t believe it. Jamal was always sportive guy, his diet was okay and he trained very hard but suddenly his body did not work anymore. Like the fighter/warrior Jamal is overcame the thyroid cancer and worked like crazy to get fit and healthy again. And now he his goal is to become and remain the heavyweight champion of the world.

Jamal is truly a gentle goliath a fighter a warrior and a good man.

جمال بن صدّيق